So this post is about change. I’m surrounded by people who don’t appreciate the art of change. And sometimes, I feel myself being sucked into that whirlpool of constant circularity, too. But more than that, this year has been a tremendous leap in terms of character.

I began as most freshmen in college begin: overly eager, yet still timid. The timidness didn’t come from social awkwardness or external pressure. It came from resting comfortably in the same space, with the same people, doing the same things. I see my timidity back then as a product of my state of mind.

We have this word in Armenian: Հոգեվիճակ

The word literally translates into “soul-state,” referring to the state of mind.

Everything we do, we do with a certain attitude. Sometimes an attitude of close-mindedness, sometimes one of openness. After a rough patch and an exodus of people from my life, I did what I knew best…change.

I cannot judge too harshly on those who want stability. I mean, it’s hard to blame them, right? A good job, suburban home, decent work commute. And it’s great. You find what you want to do, you don’t want to mess it up by aiming for something that might be  impossible to reach anyways. Great, do that.

But for me, stability represents stagnation. A negative connotation of borders, restrictions, and emptiness.

I’ve learned that this is what I should fear.

Maybe it’s my youth, except the days I feel like an eighty-year-old man, but I have this innate urge to move.  It’s a part of life, change. If you look at a flourishing rose bush, sure it blooms in the summer. But, those blooms are always going to shed and produce more buds. And, you know what? After those buds come more flowers.

Humans mimic nature. We are animals for that matter. So, I can safely say that I’ll never be someone to settle for what I get. There will always be something in my blood causing me to jump a bit and move in the forward direction. Keep on hustlin’. You’ll be there soon yet.