Lately, there have been a few things I’ve done resulting in complete failures. Most of them were caused by some sort of mistake I made in preparation. It took me a while to get a grip on my emotions after failing. In fact, I spent maybe a few hours just absurdly sad over something that honestly won’t have much effect on my life at all.

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School: Where most of these mistakes happen.

But it got me to thinking…

We must give ourselves grace. Life is all too unreal without them. While many people will argue that mistakes help you learn and improve, I believe that mistakes are just another part of being human. They make us more human.

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Church Divinity School of Pacific, Berkeley

Sometimes, I’ll go about life thinking that I have everything together, but then God just sends something my way and gives me the biggest message that I do not, in fact have anything under my control.

And, I kind of like that. I kind of like having these loose-ends that don’t limit me to a certain field. It’s refreshing to know that sometimes there are blows you just have to take, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing on your path.

Just because I made a mistake, does it mean I am going to stop trying?  Quite the opposite, actually. I am not going to give up. No, it means I am going to try harder than ever before.

And at the end of the day, or the week, or the month, or even the year, I’ll brush it off, smile, and most importantly move on.

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Series of Short Poems


Wintery Summer

everything green,

everything serene,

here in this land where we convene,

near the marine, oh how sweet is the scent of evergreens

in between this deep ravine.


The Writer

Black as night,

the writer sits staring into coffee grounds that help her write those stories of fright,

in the blight of spring,

when most unexpectedly the stars gleaned an azurite,

but now she heads into the floodlights,

to a new road,

taking off in flight.


Perpetual Spring

And now comes a time,

the girl sits back and rhymes,

at the end of the night

there’s the squeezed limes next to empty glasses,

and though it’s just March,

summertime is on her mind.


Pike Place

The people come and go,

flooding sidewalks like cargo,

they walk in front of her camera,

but they don’t know,

they make the perfect photo.



And on the radio are snippets of Jack Kerouac,

his deep voice resounds in the car front and back,

these girls screaming almost like they’re on prozac,

but no its just good ol’ jack and their eagerness to get out the car

and hike with their knapsacks down the ocean floor into more,

talking and talking of the world as if they were living breathing almanacs.


City Coffee

Yeah, early morning drives into the city of many street lights

for a good ol’ cup of joe in the pacific heights,

breaking bread,

literally toast,

and ultimately skipping class instead.

What blokes.