Jitter Feet: The Traveler’s Dilemma

It’s been a long few months since I’ve been on a plane. Even longer since that plane was heading out of the country. For me, traveling is not just a pleasure–it’s a way of life.

My father used to read me the fairytales of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. I was transported to world’s of adventure and peril. Since then, I’ve craved putting one foot in front of the other and stepping out of the world into new worlds. Andersen summed it up:

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”

And so, I look back at all the blessings I’ve had. All the magical places I’ve seen and cities I’ve walked. It all seems like another lifetime, because studying at university really limits what you can do.










And in that moment, you pause to take it in. Because this wall of cool air, the fuzzy warmth of the liquor in your belly, the frozen tips of your fingers; this is all here, right now.

img_4788And so, I wait patiently for the opportunity to make more memories like this. In the meantime, I hold on to the planes of this memory; sight, scent, touch, and taste. Together they create a sixth sense, deep in my soul, where I feel at one with myself in that instant, 14,000 kilometers above the ground, on a range of mountains towering over the rest of the world. And I think, “I’ll be back.”


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