30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 6: How to win my heart over.


Day 6. Write five ways to win your heart over

Aw man, I had to seriously sit down and think about this one for a while. I’m probably one of the most complicated people out there, so I apologize for any man (if any, lol) reading this. I also feel silly for writing these things down, because I think they’re all arbitrary and there are probably a hundred better things I could think of. These are just some of them that come to mind.

I think the most important thing is that whoever tries to win my heart over also has a rapidly beating heart for God. I need someone who is going to help me grow my faith and is willing to tackle that together.

On a less serious note, I am a total goof. I need someone who understands my sometimes absurd humor and is willing to go with it. I imagine myself laughing out my old days with my partner over the hundreds of thousands of jokes we’ve built together.

I live for incredible experiences. Anyone who’d be willing to go on crazy adventures and always ready to pack up their bags and uproot for periods of time trekking across the world most definitely can win me over. Honestly, I so easily fall in love with anyone who seeks adrenaline and thrill.

Guys who read. I honestly don’t know if it’s a Capricorn thing (I actually don’t believe in astrology fyi), or what, but I LOVE TO READ and LEARN. I need a guy who can challenge me intellectually. And, if you’re someone who can do crazy fun things but at the end of the day sit down with a good book, I’m all yours.

But ultimately, just be sincere and nice and loving and caring. Show that you listen. It’s the little things.

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