30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 7


Day 7. List 10 songs you’re loving right now and what you like about them

What a perfect prompt to come at a perfect time! I’ve just discovered a brand new artist, and so all his work is so fresh in my mind!

  1. Midnight in Paris – Jordan Mackampa. This man’s voice is absolutely magic and he doesn’t even have that large of a following yet! He seems to be so cool, but this song specifically is so romantic and has the best melodies.
  2. Same Faces – Jordan Mackampa. Yeah, as you can tell I’m a bit obsessed. The song surprises you with Mackampa’s unexpected turns. It’s pure magic.
  3. Red Earth and Pouring Rain – Bear’s Den. It’s been raining a lot lately and this is my go to rain song. It has a kooky 90s vibe to it, and it’s fantastic.
  4. Where I Want To Go – Roo Panes. I feel like this song finds me in funny times. I’m going through a little weird episode in my life, and this song is always a comfort. Roo Panes’ vocals are everything.
  5. Holy Smoke – Palace. I started playing this on the guitar a couple weeks ago, and I am so happy I did because it’s such an epic one. I really love the crazy amount of guitar in this one and the speeding up and slowing down of tempo. Also, the lyrics are fantastic.
  6. Head Above Water – Palace. Again, with the Palace. I really love this song because it’s just so freaking intense and it gets you in that “I can conquer anything” mood. Also, it helps when you have to walk a while in a time crunch.
  7. I DO EVERYTHING! – Masego. My brother introduced me into trap house jazz and I am SO HAPPY HE DID. Every type of harmonious sound you can imagine and flavors of jazz and rap make this song fabulous.
  8. Wifeable – Masego. Seriously all the same reasons as above. Also, because the lyrics are so damn hilarious to scream at the top of your lungs.
  9. World Ender – Lord Huron. I mean, does this song really need an explanation? Whenever I’m going on an adventure, doing a nature run, or feeling especially bad-ass, this song is my favorite companion.
  10. Untitled – Matt Corby. I love Matt Corby. Like, I love this man so much. His music is incredible, and I’ve even worked on covers of Resolution and songs from his Telluric album. But this song has specifically been putting me to sleep a lot recently. Check it out, Matt Corby is an angel.

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