30DWC Day 9, Words of Wisdom.

Montmartre in the summer

Day 9. Post some words of wisdom that really speak to you

If you know me well, you know I live by the line, “Every experience is a good experience.” I truly believe what I say. In my life, I’ve learned that no matter what experience I have, may it be wonderful or tragic, I have grown and learned something.  It’s difficult in the middle of a trial to have this mindset, but keeping this phrase in the back of my mind has made transitioning from conflict-resolution much more peaceful. It’s effected my entire life. The way I view things now is through a much less tainted scope. I don’t see things merely through my expectations or pre-meditated conceptions. I now look at everything in it’s own situation clearly and without any bias.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect. Far from it, actually. It just means that everything comes as a learning experience now. I try to take something away from every encounter or problem I come across. It’s a much better way to live my life, and whenever people ask for advice, I go straightforward to this philosophy.

Things become so much better if you see everything as purposely a part of your story. If you can see even the bad things as learning curves, then what’s to stop you? Absolutely nothing.

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